How to become a poker expert?

September 25 0 Comments Category: Online Casino

If you have ever considered playing poker professionally there are many factors to take into account. Read this guide to gain some tips as well as answers to resolve about committing to a lifestyle of poker.

Firstly think about how much money you require each month in order to be comfortable. For many people it may be £2000 and for others it may be more like £4000. Decide on a budget and try not to spend all of your money in case you face a bad month along the line and the extra cash is in need. If you live alone then you only have to take care of yourself and may be happy to sacrifice luxuries from time to time. However, if you have a family whom you support, then the situation becomes entirely different and the risks associated with playing poker may not be suitable.

Playing poker on a daily basis does not suit everybody. Even if you love the game, it can become too much to play continuously. Experiment by taking a holiday from work and play poker daily to decide how poker suits you and your lifestyle. Visit to find a wide variety of games to get you started. When you first start out you need to bear in mind that it is not something you will master immediately; it takes time to understand and accumulate money. More often that not you will need to play for many hours each day, often with little with no financial return.

Reflect upon your past poker statistics before making a decision to turn professional .Many UK Poker sites allow you to access these. You need to have a good sample amount. Playing for a few months with a few hundred pounds is not a good starting point. You need to have played for some time and have played often in order to obtain a decent sample size.

Finally bear in mind your current profession and its benefits and disadvantages. If you are currently working and bringing home £100.000 annually then leaving this profession may not necessarily be the right decision. Alternatively, if you are young and still contemplating what to do as a living then playing poker professionally could be a perfect option.

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